Cooking on Gas!

Cooking on GasFinally, we are cooking on gas! Well it's bottled butane gas as it's the countryside, but it works. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back in the kitchen. In fact, the last few days before the electric was connected were probably the worst as it looked so good but nothing worked! After seven weeks of the barn festooned in dust, grit in every nook and cranny, running back and forth in the rain with cold food and aching in muscles we didn't know we had, I think I can be described as patient. Our friend Richard kindly helped with the final electrics and I felt like a child watching the Christmas lights being switched on as everything started flashing and demanding that it was programmed. I was very happy to oblige... I decided to post about the kitchen for a few reasons. Firstly, we have done so many projects over the years but our photographs are few and far between, as when we bought our first house there was no internet or mobiles or digital cameras, which is really hard to believe now that I rely on such things. Secondly, I wanted to show what can be achieved by doing everything yourself, and more importantly, on a budget. So, in case you haven't already guessed it's an IKEA kitchen! I am now fluent in IKEA as I know my Ansluta from my Maximera, Utrusta, Metod and Domsjo - think I even know some of the article numbers... The units are cheap and cheerful and easy to construct but leave no room behind them for services, so unless you can bury pipes in the wall, which we did, they would have to go through the unit! Perhaps in Sweden they have perfectly square, level rooms with perfect electrics and drainage already in place, unlike us as I wanted to move the sink 180 degrees. Some of the door hinges are a natty, push-fit design which saves time which you need to make the drawers which, when you have beaten them into submission, are easy to adjust. The instructions indicate that the base just slides into place but it's a two person job to hold the sides and grind it in with a fair bit of welly. It's at this point that you wish you knew some Swedish expletives as you've run out of English ones... Let's just say that the units and doors were a fraction of the cost of a posh kitchen. I chose appliances from discount suppliers that  were older, cheaper models, plain tiles and standard sockets to keep the cost down.  Cooking On Gas (3)Cooking On Gas (2)Cooking on Gas (5)Cooking On Gas (7) There is still a fair bit of woodwork to finish and our neighbour has a friend who had some rough sawn oak about 4metres long and 6cm thick. It had been sat gathering dust for 15 years in his barn. Cooking on Gas We bought 5 pieces and it all cost 40 Euros which is amazing value as we found that just  one piece might cost about £80 in the UK!  After that it was about getting an introduction to a carpenter, who had a professional planer, who could be bribed with wine! It's definitely a case of 'who you know' around here! Gotta love a bargain! It just needs finishing and fitting now. Cooking on Gas (6) Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this venture. I can promise that there will be no more 'kitchen' posts. By the way, Rodents 0, Amanda 1....

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  1. Let the trumpets blare! How great that you’re cooking with gas again in your own home. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I’ve friends who recently remodeled their new condo’s kitchen and Ikea was their store of choice, too. Both of your kitchens should be in Ikea’s catalog as examples of what can be done.
    PS Don’t worry about writing kitchen posts. I’ve enjoyed the posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I do just keep standing in it and touching the worktops! Glad you liked the posts too.:):)

    1. Thank you – now I have cleaning paranoia! It won’t last long with all the cooking though! 🙂

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