That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking FeelingLast week I definitely had that sinking feeling but not for the reasons that you're thinking. In fact the sink, yes the one that you have to drive for nearly two hours to order and then collect yourself in two weeks or pay 279 Euros for delivery, actually went in like a dream. Well, of course, that's not strictly true. There was the little issue of putting the plugs in only to find that it was impossible to get them out; holes needed re-drilling. We got there in the end. It was another sinking feeling when you both can't stop sneezing and realise that you are going down with a cold and you have another week planned of 'eat, sleep, kitchen, repeat'. In fact we have been lucky in that we haven't had coughs and colds since we moved to France so reckoned we were due for a dose. We may have dodged the rhinovirus stuff before now but within a few weeks of moving here I managed to impale my foot on a pitchfork, pull various muscles, fall over on wet decking and badly bruise my coccyx and husband has been in hospital with a scary mystery illness. Anyway, after struggling and sneezing I went to the pharmacy and pulled out my best  French. It was all going well as I explained what I wanted; no tablets so something liquid or soluble, (I have a major phobia about choking - it's a wonder I can eat at all!). What I really wanted was 'Night Nurse' to knock me out, (as much an escape from the sound of mice as being unable to breathe), but they don't do that here. In the end my vocabulary failed me and in desperation I said, 'blocked' and she just laughed and got me a decongestant in a powder. The same thing happened to my husband a few years back when he was living here on his own and I was with the children and working in England.  He's more confident about speaking French and if he doesn't know a word he just says it in a French accent or suggests they speak 'Franglais'. He said to the pharmacist: 'J'ai un cough'. She replied: 'Dry or tickly?' Joking aside the pharmacists are really helpful with excellent customer service which,  compared to the interrogation in the UK, is a welcome change. It's also that sinking feeling when the kitchen is finally taking shape and you're back to, yes, you've guessed it, our favourite pastime, TILING! This time it wasn't huge tiles but small,three dimensional ones. In case you are wondering it's not some sort of Egyptian pyramid style, it was just easier to do it this way. Suffice to say that neither of us can work our phones as we've no fingerprints left. Nobody told me that grouting this lot was going to give me arm muscles like a rugby player! That Sinking Feeling  As I'm just the apprentice I have my own tiling kit. I got this from Pampered Chef many years ago. I believe they've stopped selling in the UK which is a shame as I loved their products and I managed to amass quite a lot of their collection! It's supposed to be for scraping food off a chopping board but it has always been used in the shower as a squeegee. Its new job  is as a fairly decent grout squidger. As for the baby wipes I certainly don't have any tiny babies now but ever since I had small sticky boys I have been in love with wipes.I know they are not the most ecologically friendly item so I use them sparingly. My eldest is almost 22 and hated to be dirty, couldn't even touch grass when he was a toddler but always had a sticky face. My youngest has always been the 'sticky chicken' of the family and those wipes saved my sanity as well as my doorknobs... Now the wipes clean the leather sofa of dog prints, clean tiles after grouting, remove oil marks in the swimming pool, remove water marks from wood, remove dog snot from windows and much more. And no, I don't normally buy a brand, the ones from Lidl or Aldi are just as good. Oh dear, I've just read that bit back. How sad do I sound?That Sinking Feeling It was also a sinking feeling when he needed to rout out the hole for the hob in 4cm thick wood. I'm not sure who was more nervous so, like a good supportive wife, I went and hid upstairs with the dogs... As you can see he made a good job of it which is just as well as another piece of worktop arrived too long so more extra work to do. That Sinking Feeling Finally for this week there was what I like to call the 'extraction fraction'. We have an unusually low ceiling in the kitchen compared to the lounge area which goes up to the roof. Whilst tiling my husband got the new extractor out to have a look at the fittings and yes, you've guessed it, the thing wasn't going to fit by a fraction (well a few centimetres actually). It needed to be high enough for safety reasons. Just shove the chimney into the ceiling a bit then, right? Wrong. Aside from a joist there were electric cables and water pipes for Will's bathroom. Here's how the conversation went; 'How do you fancy an air vent instead?' Mmm, let me think about that. I'm in the shower having escaped as I'm feeling rough. He's still working and it's past 9pm. 'Please can you find a way to make it fit if you possibly can.'   Muttering and a few choice expletives come from the kitchen area. 'Are you sure? A vent would look nice and neat.' Of course, he was joking, but honestly, can anything go right! So the kitchen is not yet finished but it's only been over 6 weeks! You will probably be more relieved than me when it's finally done. Poor husband is gibbering and muttering about the kitchen so probably not the best time to mention the new laundry room..... What else can go wrong?

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  1. Sorry to read you’ve not been well and hope by now you’re well on the mend. I certainly hope you both have a nice get-away planned for after the ribbon cutting ceremony of your new kitchen. I can think of no 2 more deserving people. 🙂

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