Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas. Here’s my easy recipe for chicken enchiladas made with leftovers and not a can or jar or sauce in sight!

Chicken Enchiladas with an easy Homemade Sauce. For a long time I’ve been acquainted with fajitas, thanks to a certain American diner coming to town in the 80’s! Like most families we have certain food rituals which have changed over the years as my children got older and accepted different flavours. For a while we […]

Turkey Ballotine

Turkey Ballotine. An easy version of a French classic where the breast envelopes forcemeat with cranberries and chestnuts and the joint is wrapped in bacon.

Turkey Ballotine. Traditionally a ballotine is a French term for a boned poultry thigh which is then stuffed before cooking.In fact, the French seem to like stuffing most things and  you can often buy really good sausagemeat, or farcie with fresh herbs and seasonings.    I remember a horrendously complicated recipe involving deboning a whole turkey and stuffing it […]

Turkey Escalopes with Sage Butter

Turkey escalopes with garlic, lemon and sage butter. Here is a really quick  and simple dish that is full of flavour yet  easy enough for a mid week dinner. It is so quick that by the time the potatoes and broccoli were steamed, the turkey was ready. You could also use chicken bashed flat or […]

An English Christmas in France

This is our second official English Christmas in France after moving here in 2014 and it’s still very English. I know that if you move to another country it is customary to follow the culture and I think we are doing quite well but old habits die hard, so it’s difficult to give up a […]

Celebration Turkey Pie

This is no ordinary turkey pie….. It is a cranberry, turkey, minced pork and hot water crust pastry pie that not only looks beautiful but tastes amazing. My confession here is that the original idea for this came from a Christmas cookbook, which I have adjusted over the years to suit and strangely enough, this […]