Frantic Frolics in France

Frantic frolics in France: the hot water disaster.

It’s time for our regular Frantic Frolics in France. It’s not all sitting on a sunbed quaffing cheap wine, eating croissants and smearing ripe cheese on bread and doing nothing all day. I’m sure that many people think that people who choose to move to France are people with pots of money with a stress […]

New Kitchen – The Delivery Saga

It’s been a little fraught…again. We received an email to say that the extractor fan was due for delivery, so we got slightly excited. No delivery came so we went to Nantes for more kitchen research and left my son at home with instructions to investigate if the dogs detected any deliveries, (they can tell […]

New Kitchen? Computer Says ‘Non’…..

A new kitchen? How exciting! Well, as it happens, I’m not getting too excited yet, it’s not exactly taking shape, hence the picture of my beautiful Dexter! I’ve worked it out and the only time I have had a new kitchen, that I have also chosen, was in our first house. I was nineteen and […]