Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella. Clams and mussels cooked in white wine and garlic are added to rice, chorizo, prawns and asparagus for a great sharing dish.

Seafood Paella. I’ve always loved seafood, especially shellfish. I’ve been making my version of Paella ever since we used to holiday in Majorca many years ago. Sometimes I make it with chicken and prawns with peppers but, now that I have discovered that clams are cheaper than mussels here, this seafood paella is my favourite. […]

Seafood en Papillotte

Seafood en Papillote. Prawns, salmon, mussels and hake baked en papillotte with fresh lemon, dill and parsley for a quick, tasty and low-fat meal.

Seafood en Papillotte. I make no excuses for the amount of seafood recipes I post. Living in western France, near to the coast, means that the shops do have a huge range of fish and shellfish to choose from. I’m sure that wherever you are from fish is still expensive, so as ever, I use frozen […]

Blanquette de la Mer

I got the inspiration for this recipe of Blanquette de la Mer from our regular visits to La Rochelle. I always have some sort of seafood when we go as it is always good value in the restaurants there. For a bit more information have a look at my previous post; Lunch in La Rochelle Lunch in La […]

An English Christmas in France

This is our second official English Christmas in France after moving here in 2014 and it’s still very English. I know that if you move to another country it is customary to follow the culture and I think we are doing quite well but old habits die hard, so it’s difficult to give up a […]


Steaming hot bisque with the kick of cayenne, my mouth is watering just thinking about it….This is definitely my husband’s favourite. There’s something really comforting about soup, especially with winter approaching. As a child I remember  having tomato soup on cold winter days and, if I felt ill, it had to be be chicken soup, […]