Honey Garlic Salmon

Honey Garlic Salmon. Delicious combination of butter, honey, garlic and lemon spread over salmon, baked and then grilled.

Honey Garlic Salmon. This is one of those dishes that once you have made it once you’ll want to make it again and again. I think it makes a beautiful dinner party dish or summer buffet and is quite simple enough to do on weeknights if you have some thawed frozen salmon fillets. There is […]

Salmon Stuffed Shells

Salmon Stuffed Shells. Giant pasta shells filled with poached salmon and creme fraiche on a bed of cheese sauce then baked with broccoli and cheese.

Salmon Stuffed Shells. This post contains affiliate links. Pasta is always a comforting and satisfying meal but in the springtime I find that we don’t want a heavy lasagne  style dish and I often find myself using salmon or prawns. Although French people seem to love pasta I can’t seem to find the giant pasta shells. […]

Seafood Gratin

Seafood Gratin. Easy dish of poached salmon, cod and prawns topped with scalloped potatoes and cheese which is ready in under 30 minutes.

Seafood Gratin, otherwise known as fish pie! My experience of it in restaurants was a watery and waxy tasting sauce with flakes of fish topped with a ton of mashed potato. Needless to say it was never a favourite. Over the years I have developed my own version and I always make it with fish defrosted […]

Salmon and Avocado Parcels

Salmon and Avocado Parcels. Lightly steamed salmon smeared with mashed avocado and coriander and then rolled up in Brik pastry and baked in the oven.

Salmon and Avocado Parcels. I love pastry! I love  the surprise of  cutting through a crisp shell and finding something soft and delicious inside but if I spent my time eating suet crust and all butter pastries I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Dex and Gray! What is the answer? For me it’s Brik, (brique) […]

Salmon and Asparagus Frittata Bites

These Salmon and Asparagus Frittata Bites are perfect for summer entertaining such as a buffet or picnic as they taste great hot or cold. This recipe is easy and you could substitute spring onions, prawns or peas for a change along with some dill.  Dare I say it but these are low-carb too for anyone […]


Sushi? Don’t mind if I do! We have the most amazing Asian buffet restaurant in Fontenay Le Comte where they have loads of Chinese Dishes, Sushi, fresh seafood and  an area where you can pick raw seafood, meat and vegetables and watch someone cook it all for you. Starters and dessert are included too and it’s […]

Chilli and Ginger Glazed Salmon

This Chilli and Ginger Glazed Salmon is a great dish for a barbecue. Forget boring burgers and try this really easy recipe. The marinade means that the fish keeps lovely and moist and you still get a great barbecue crispy crust on the outside.    

Lemon and Pepper Crusted Salmon

Lemon and Pepper Crusted Salmon  is a dish we often have, mainly because it’s so easy. In the midst of kitchen madness there are only two ways to cook; long and slow or lightning quick. This dish is the latter as I can have it ready, with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables in about twenty […]

Prawn, Salmon and Crab Carrés Feuilletés

Here is a really simple recipe to use prawn, salmon and crab to make ‘ carrés feuilletés’. Being the nosy shopper I am. I can’t help myself from looking at the shopping trolleys of others. I have been quite disappointed to see that many people don’t seem to cook as their main meal is often at […]