Sri Lankan Monkfish Curry with The Spice Pioneer

Sri Lankan Monkfish Curry with The Spice Pioneer. A review of the new monthly service from the Spice Pioneer to make a meal for 4.

Sri Lankan Monkfish Curry. Well just the sound of that sounds enticing and exotic, doesn’t it? I make so many foods with spice and I’m often unable to get the right ingredients in local shops so I was really excited when The Spice Pioneer sent me some of their boxes to try. The idea is that each […]

Afghan Aubergine Curry with Minted Yoghurt

Afghan Aubergine Curry with Minted Yoghurt is an easy main dish or accompaniment. Fried aubergines and onion are placed in a spicy tomato sauce.

Afghan Aubergine Curry with Minted Yoghurt. Yes, it’s another vegetarian recipe! Do you like aubergines? I am going to be honest and say, that while I will eat almost any vegetable, I never really appreciated aubergines.  There was always a lot of salting and drying and the end result was always disappointing. However, they are […]

Frugal French Pantry February 2018

Frugal French Pantry February 2018 is all about potatoes leftovers, cheats and stuffed. There's Parmentier, twice baked, cakes and baked with eggs too.

The Frugal French Pantry February 2018. After the excesses of Christmas it’s time to pull the horns in and enjoy some frugal but delicious dishes. This month I have focused on the humble spud, a staple for us Brits, as a healthy, filling  and warming food. In fact, living in France, I’ve been surprised to […]

Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas. Here’s my easy recipe for chicken enchiladas made with leftovers and not a can or jar or sauce in sight!

Chicken Enchiladas with an easy Homemade Sauce. For a long time I’ve been acquainted with fajitas, thanks to a certain American diner coming to town in the 80’s! Like most families we have certain food rituals which have changed over the years as my children got older and accepted different flavours. For a while we […]

Broccoli Stilton Soup with 3 Ingredients

Broccoli Stilton Soup with 3 Ingredients. Here’s a delicious soup that is far superior to anything ready made and ready in less than 20 minutes.

  Broccoli Stilton Soup with 3 Ingredients? Making your own soup at home doesn’t have to be complicated with stock simmering for hours and hours of chopping. If you have time there is a lot to be said for making your own stock from bones or vegetables and freezing it but sometimes  you just need […]

Spicy French Beans with Chilli and Cumin

Spicy French Beans with Chilli and Cumin. French beans or haricot verts blanched thin quickly stir fried with cumin and chilli and tossed with lemon.

Spicy French Beans with Chilli and Cumin. You should know by now that at Chez Le Reve Francais Saturday night is curry night right? This usually involves a rice dish along with a main dish and occasionally my Naan Bread. We all love this combination but we are trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet […]

Sesame Garlic Tofu

Sesame Garlic Tofu is a vegetarian dish that is packed full of flavour and cooked in under 10 minutes for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Sesame Garlic Tofu. I am definitely not a vegetarian but I do enjoy vegetarian dishes in an effort to eat a balanced diet. I like to think that I’m an adventurous eater but I’ve always had a problem with tofu. Perhaps it’s just that, in the dishes I’ve tried, it has always tasted so bland. […]

4 Ingredient Garlic Lemon Chicken

4 Ingredient Garlic Lemon Chicken. Here’s a deliciously easy dish combining economical chicken thighs with lemon, garlic and shallots.

 4 Ingredient Garlic Lemon Chicken. I love to use chicken thighs for an easy mid week meal as they are simple to prepare, economical and have such natural flavour. Of course, cooking the chicken on the bone keeps it deliciously moist too so it can be happily left in the oven for a while without […]

Ham and Cheese Palmiers

Ham and Cheese Palmiers. These deliciously crisp French biscuits are simple to do and perfect to serve to guests with drinks.

Ham and Cheese Palmiers. If you are having people over for drinks at any time, it’s always nice to offer something homemade rather than opening a packet of something shop bought.  Palmiers  have their origin in French Algeria , where themay be known as ‘pig’s ears’, due to their distinctive shape.         […]

Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017

Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017. Here is a selection of my favourite frugal celebration recipes including vegetarian, gifts and pies.

Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017. With food prices rising you don’t need to splurge out on expensive prepared food or expensive joints. There are plenty of dishes to be made using foraged food, cupboard staples and cheaper cuts of meat. It’s time to delve into my Christmas selection box! All of these recipes feature on […]