Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella. Clams and mussels cooked in white wine and garlic are added to rice, chorizo, prawns and asparagus for a great sharing dish.

Seafood Paella. I’ve always loved seafood, especially shellfish. I’ve been making my version of Paella ever since we used to holiday in Majorca many years ago. Sometimes I make it with chicken and prawns with peppers but, now that I have discovered that clams are cheaper than mussels here, this seafood paella is my favourite. […]

Moules au Chorizo

Moules au Chorizo or mussels with a creamy Chorizo sauce. Whilst the mussels are cooking this easy sauce can be ready for pouring over.

Moules au Chorizo. Everyone knows that seafood goes well with Chorizo but until we went to St Jean de Luz, I had never had mussels with Chorizo.It was amazing. Spicy chunks of Chorizo sausage in a creamy sauce poured over delicate mussels is definitely a match made in heaven. Of course, you have to have huge chunks […]