That Sinking Feeling

Last week I definitely had that sinking feeling but not for the reasons that you’re thinking. In fact the sink, yes the one that you have to drive for nearly two hours to order and then collect yourself in two weeks or pay 279 Euros for delivery, actually went in like a dream. Well, of […]

New Kitchen? Computer Says ‘Non’…..

A new kitchen? How exciting! Well, as it happens, I’m not getting too excited yet, it’s not exactly taking shape, hence the picture of my beautiful Dexter! I’ve worked it out and the only time I have had a new kitchen, that I have also chosen, was in our first house. I was nineteen and […]

Lunch in La Rochelle

I don’t get out much, so a trip to La Rochelle is very exciting for me nowadays. We chose to live in a quiet hamlet amongst farmers for the peace and quiet. I like the fact that we don’t live near a large town….except when I am down to my last pair of flat boots […]

The Bed’s Not Wet! The Story of the New Roof for the Barn

The trials and tribulations of living in rural France after two years.

It’s been a hectic two weeks at Le Rêve as at long last we have a new roof! Although we have only lived here a year last June for the previous four years we came to the house throughout the year and always used to cross our fingers when it rained. Many nights we had […]

September is…..Picking, Pickling and Preserving.

Luckily it is still warm and sunny here with plenty more barbecue days to come. The main summer guests have left La Maison Verte and our family visitors have deserted us too. The pool is free for us to use when we want but the grass is still growing and needs to be cut every […]