French Bread and Butter Pudding

French Bread and Butter Pudding. Sweetened French bread is buttered and strewn with hazelnuts and plain chocolate and then baked in a custard.

French Bread and Butter Pudding. What could possibly be French about bread and butter pudding? Absolutely nothing! This is a typical English dish that I would never eat  growing up. To me, sliced white bread was meant for bacon sandwiches or cheese on toast; it certainly wasn’t pudding. Then I married a man who liked very […]

Chunky Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Warning……these chunky chocolate and hazelnut cookies are very naughty and therefore very good! I remember making something like this as a child with chocolate chips and chopped nuts but this is definitely not something for children. It’s not because you find yourself biting into a large chunk of chocolate or because they are huge, crispy […]