Pommes de Terre à la Dauphinoise for cheats!

Who doesn’t love a tasty Gratin Dauphinois? Well, even if it’s not everyone’s favourite, it is probably more popular than my chicken liver recipe! Now I love to cook Pommes de Terres à la Dauphinoise in the oven traditionally, especially when we have duck, but there isn’t always the time or the ingredients. This dish […]

Foies de Volailles (chicken livers)

Growing up as a seventies child I wasn’t  aware that I was being brought up in a time of austerity. I remember the power cuts, but to me that just meant the excitement of lighting a candle! Everybody had a vegetable patch of some sort and weekends outings were often to a ‘pick your own’ […]

Ten Tips for Frozen, Frugal Food!

Hello! As promised in my last post the next few posts will be full of frugal ideas. Before we know it we will be constantly reminded about Christmas. Unfortunately most of us will be working and wondering how we will find the time,  or the money, to be the perfect host  on a budget when […]

The Bed’s Not Wet! The Story of the New Roof for the Barn

The trials and tribulations of living in rural France after two years.

It’s been a hectic two weeks at Le Rêve as at long last we have a new roof! Although we have only lived here a year last June for the previous four years we came to the house throughout the year and always used to cross our fingers when it rained. Many nights we had […]

September is…..Picking, Pickling and Preserving.

Luckily it is still warm and sunny here with plenty more barbecue days to come. The main summer guests have left La Maison Verte and our family visitors have deserted us too. The pool is free for us to use when we want but the grass is still growing and needs to be cut every […]

Delicious Ducky Noodles

Duck has got to be my favourite meat. I nearly always pick duck if we go to a restaurant nearby (a rarity saved for birthdays!). I love it roasted, confit, curried,  in a salad or whatever else, I’m a huge fan. Unfortunately, it’s still an expensive meal so I’ve devised this dish which gives me […]