Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017

Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017. Here is a selection of my favourite frugal celebration recipes including vegetarian, gifts and pies.

Frugal French Pantry Christmas 2017. With food prices rising you don’t need to splurge out on expensive prepared food or expensive joints. There are plenty of dishes to be made using foraged food, cupboard staples and cheaper cuts of meat. It’s time to delve into my Christmas selection box! All of these recipes feature on […]

Frantic Frolics in France

Frantic frolics in France: the hot water disaster.

It’s time for our regular Frantic Frolics in France. It’s not all sitting on a sunbed quaffing cheap wine, eating croissants and smearing ripe cheese on bread and doing nothing all day. I’m sure that many people think that people who choose to move to France are people with pots of money with a stress […]

Emigrating to France

Emigrating to France, my story of deciding to leave the rat-race, the hardships and work involved in making the decision to leave England.

Emigrating to France. It was two years ago this week that we got up in the early hours, deflated our airbeds, cleaned the house again and packed up the last few bits into the trailer and car, along with two relieved Weimaraners. They are always jittery when  the bags come out as I’m sure that […]

Spring at Chez Le Rêve …..

Spring has been a long time coming this year but now all the leaves are out on the trees and the tractors in the hamlet are whizzing by ploughing in the surrounding fields. The woods are full of bluebells and the dogs are going mad with the new smells. There are baby lambs and calves […]

New Kitchen – The Delivery Saga

It’s been a little fraught…again. We received an email to say that the extractor fan was due for delivery, so we got slightly excited. No delivery came so we went to Nantes for more kitchen research and left my son at home with instructions to investigate if the dogs detected any deliveries, (they can tell […]

New Kitchen? Computer Says ‘Non’…..

A new kitchen? How exciting! Well, as it happens, I’m not getting too excited yet, it’s not exactly taking shape, hence the picture of my beautiful Dexter! I’ve worked it out and the only time I have had a new kitchen, that I have also chosen, was in our first house. I was nineteen and […]

An English Christmas in France

This is our second official English Christmas in France after moving here in 2014 and it’s still very English. I know that if you move to another country it is customary to follow the culture and I think we are doing quite well but old habits die hard, so it’s difficult to give up a […]

Oysters and How to Prepare (with Video!)

Oysters! I can’t believe I only discovered oysters three years ago! I always thought I was adventurous with food but I never really fancied the idea of swallowing something live and raw. When I finally plucked up the courage to try one in Loch Fyne in Portsmouth, I couldn’t believe how mad I’d been to […]

My Walk with the Weimarnutters for ‘WWWP5K’

Everyday my gorgeous doggies start whining at about 6.30am. Generally they slop about on the bed until we go for a walk… and sometimes they even get in the bed… Last week I read that bloggers all over the world are being challenged this week to complete 5km, The aim is to share our […]

The Bed’s Not Wet! The Story of the New Roof for the Barn

The trials and tribulations of living in rural France after two years.

It’s been a hectic two weeks at Le Rêve as at long last we have a new roof! Although we have only lived here a year last June for the previous four years we came to the house throughout the year and always used to cross our fingers when it rained. Many nights we had […]