Seafood en Papillotte

Seafood en Papillote. Prawns, salmon, mussels and hake baked en papillotte with fresh lemon, dill and parsley for a quick, tasty and low-fat meal.

Seafood en Papillotte. I make no excuses for the amount of seafood recipes I post. Living in western France, near to the coast, means that the shops do have a huge range of fish and shellfish to choose from. I’m sure that wherever you are from fish is still expensive, so as ever, I use frozen […]

Thai Fish Burgers

Fish burgers? We’ve all done beef burgers and fish cakes so why not try a Thai fish burger?  These fish burgers are very low in fat, taste great and work well on the barbecue too. This is a quick and easy dish which is also great for entertaining and I think that you might even win […]

Blanquette de la Mer

I got the inspiration for this recipe of Blanquette de la Mer from our regular visits to La Rochelle. I always have some sort of seafood when we go as it is always good value in the restaurants there. For a bit more information have a look at my previous post; Lunch in La Rochelle Lunch in La […]

Lunch in La Rochelle

I don’t get out much, so a trip to La Rochelle is very exciting for me nowadays. We chose to live in a quiet hamlet amongst farmers for the peace and quiet. I like the fact that we don’t live near a large town….except when I am down to my last pair of flat boots […]