Duck Terrine with Asparagus

Duck Terrine with Asparagus. Layers of pork mince,liver, duck fillets and asparagus are all wrapped up in streaky bacon for a delicious starter.

Duck Terrine with Asparagus. Have you ever been wanted to make a terrine but thought it looked too difficult?  I’ve never been keen on really complicated dishes but many years ago I realised that a  terrine is really just a question of assembly, putting in the oven, cooling and slicing. I usually make a game […]

Massaman Duck Curry

This recipe uses my homemade Massaman curry paste, toasted peanuts, coconut milk, coriander and skinned duck breast for a really decadent curry.

Massaman Duck Curry. Remember the Massaman curry paste?       It’s time to put it to good use! You might think it’s mad to be using duck in a curry but I’ve often had it served in Asian restaurants and it always seems to stay tender. I think this is great for a special occasion and, […]

Warm Duck and Pineapple Salad

Warm duck salad with a lemon and lime dressing. Slow roasted duck legs andt, griddled fresh pineapple and combines with cucumber and mixed salad leaves.

This warm duck salad with griddled pineapple is perfect for hot summer evenings. Should I add that this is really easy? Once the duck is in the oven the dressing takes a few minutes. When the duck is cooked there is no panic for everything to be hot so sit back and relax…  

Duck Spring Rolls

Here is my easy recipe for  Duck Spring Rolls to celebrate Chinese New Year. My son Will told me that I have to post this. His favourite restaurant dish is Chinese Lemon Chicken which I had to learn to recreate for him but he also loves these spring rolls. I have always loved Chinese food and […]

Oriental Duck Broth

This Oriental Duck Broth evolved by accident as so many things do. As a frugal cook I always boil up any carcasses for stock and as duck is expensive I thought we could get another meal off it! The soup itself is ready from start to finish in half an hour but to get all the delicious […]

Crispy Duck with Five Spice and Honey

Oooh crispy duck with five spice and honey….it doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Well, it does if I tell you that this is so easy, but  please don’t tell anyone! I often used to cook whole ducks when they were on offer and there were all sorts of complicated ways of getting […]

Confit de Canard or Duck Confit with Redcurrant sauce

Yes…..I’m going to be in trouble, big trouble! My long suffering husband has gone back to Blighty this week, leaving me home alone with two starving Weimaraners, (well that’s what they would have you believe), and my youngest son who loves his food. The trouble is that I only share recipes on my website that […]

Delicious Ducky Noodles

Duck has got to be my favourite meat. I nearly always pick duck if we go to a restaurant nearby (a rarity saved for birthdays!). I love it roasted, confit, curried,  in a salad or whatever else, I’m a huge fan. Unfortunately, it’s still an expensive meal so I’ve devised this dish which gives me […]