Hot Dogs

What's your recipe to turn 'hot dogs' into 'cold dogs'? Here's a few ideas without onions. ketchup or a bun!

Hot, hot dogs.  Here’s my trial and error recipe when you have hot dogs and you need cool dogs. There is no bun, mustard, onions or ketchup here, just a few ideas. If you have read my About page you probably know that my life is somewhat ruled by our father and son Weimaraners, Dexter and […]

My Walk with the Weimarnutters for ‘WWWP5K’

Everyday my gorgeous doggies start whining at about 6.30am. Generally they slop about on the bed until we go for a walk… and sometimes they even get in the bed… Last week I read that bloggers all over the world are being challenged this week to complete 5km, The aim is to share our […]