Summer Salmon Timbales

These summer salmon timbales are light and delicate. Smoked and lightly cooked salmon with cucumber and avocado in a creamy dill and lemon dressing.

Timbales are a popular French starter so I created these Summer Salmon Timbales. Our French neighbours came for dinner this week and I thought I would ease them in with something familiar before I served the main course. I made a chicken tikka masala, a good old British classic. I have yet to see an Indian restaurant […]

Prawn, Salmon and Crab Carrés Feuilletés

Here is a really simple recipe to use prawn, salmon and crab to make ‘ carrés feuilletés’. Being the nosy shopper I am. I can’t help myself from looking at the shopping trolleys of others. I have been quite disappointed to see that many people don’t seem to cook as their main meal is often at […]