Thai Fish Burgers

Fish burgers? We’ve all done beef burgers and fish cakes so why not try a Thai fish burger?  These fish burgers are very low in fat, taste great and work well on the barbecue too. This is a quick and easy dish which is also great for entertaining and I think that you might even win […]

Cooking on Gas!

Finally, we are cooking on gas! Well it’s bottled butane gas as it’s the countryside, but it works. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in the kitchen. In fact, the last few days before the electric was connected were probably the worst as it looked so good but nothing worked! […]

Foies de Volailles (chicken livers)

Growing up as a seventies child I wasn’t  aware that I was being brought up in a time of austerity. I remember the power cuts, but to me that just meant the excitement of lighting a candle! Everybody had a vegetable patch of some sort and weekends outings were often to a ‘pick your own’ […]

Seasonal Vegetable Frittata

Sometimes I plan a meal and feel sure that I will have enough left over for the following night. Unfortunately, each time I am disappointed and find myself raiding the fridge for possibilities. Of course, here in France, there always seems to be a Bank Holiday too and, of course, shorter opening hours so here […]