Spring at Chez Le Rêve …..

Spring Spring has been a long time coming this year but now all the leaves are out on the trees and the tractors in the hamlet are whizzing by ploughing in the surrounding fields. The woods are full of bluebells and the dogs are going mad with the new smells. There are baby lambs and calves in the fields and the swallows have built another nest in the stables. Yes, everyone is busy! Since moving to France full time in June 2014, we have gradually tackled  the garden which has meant having an epic battle with brambles and nettles. Finally, the plants we put in last year are now looking great. Here are some cheap and cheerful tulips from Lidl! Spring As they matured they turned an orangey red. Spring The rockery plants are starting to spread. Spring I got this Rhododendron from Super U reduced to 3 Euros. It's stunning and the bees are loving it. Spring I bought pansies last year for the guest garden and they looked great with the purple and yellow planted alternately. I carefully collected seeds ready to replant but I needn't have bothered. These have self seeded everywhere and they are so pretty next to the young lavender bushes.Spring This year we turned our attention to the side of La Maison Verte as we wanted to put in a new car park for guests that is more private. The whole area was overgrown with more brambles but we saved a few shrubs and cut them back hard. Our neighbour wanted some soil so the men spent a day shifting four tons of earth from one house to the other. We could have hired a digger  but we hate paying out for something we could do ourselves, so aside from a couple of pick axe casualties and sore backs, the job was done for free. We are lucky enough to have tons of granite and other stones so we constructed a retaining wall and then bought some new plants. Ok the fence by the pool wants sorting but that's a job for another day. Spring) This month was also our neighbour's birthday.. Jean turned ninety years young so I made him a chocolate cake. I didn't have any flour so it was made with eggs only and extremely rich. Spring Jean is definitely an inspiration to us all here. After dinner we often walk around the garden to chat about what needs doing and we glance across the road and see Jean, out in his garden, hoeing or rotovating past eight o'clock. According to Jean the secret to a long life is 'occupation', in other words he needs to keep busy. He wanted to thank us so we were invited over to 'apéro' this week with his wife.  Apéro is just  what my friend Samantha would have called 'drinks and nibbles'. I took some Rosé wine and some Parmesan crisps as it was a Bank Holiday and the shops were shut. I was still told off for bringing something! It's a fine line between showing off and etiquette here and a completely different culture. We spent a lovely time with them. We armed ourselves with a dictionary and prepared to speak a lot of French. They don't speak a word of English, and why should they? We didn't want to outstay our welcome so after two hours we made our excuses but in the end we left after another hour! It has been important to us to be accepted in a very small farming community of six houses.  I think we are getting there...

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    1. Thank you so much Angela. Life here is not without its challenges but simple things like being accepted make it worthwhile. :):)

    1. Thanks, I’ve been trying hard with the photos! We’re not out of the woods yet as still getting a lot of rain. 🙂

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