New Kitchen? Computer Says ‘Non’…..

DogsA new kitchen? How exciting! Well, as it happens, I'm not getting too excited yet, it's not exactly taking shape, hence the picture of my beautiful Dexter! I've worked it out and the only time I have had a new kitchen, that I have also chosen, was in our first house. I was nineteen and we bought a terraced cottage which was built in the late 1800s for foundry workers.  It hadn't been modernised at all, the wallpaper was five layers thick in some places and we had lead pipes! But it did mean that the beautiful cast iron fireplaces and original skirting was in place. We decided on a simple pine kitchen to fit in with the house and a tiny budget. I loved it. We moved on three years later! Five houses later we are now in a converted barn and a modern kitchen just wouldn't look right so we are back to the 'country' look. Many hours have been spent trying to plan the kitchen to get every element in that I'd like. No, I'm not talking about posh, pull-out larders and ironing boards. This kitchen has to be functional, dog-proof and easy to clean. It also has to negotiate beams, pillars, two feet thick stone walls and low ceilings. I think we are on draft design......number, I've given up counting! New Kitchen It sounds like we will have to rip out the existing kitchen before ordering the new units as we are not sure where all the services are, then order and then wait a few weeks for delivery. I'm twitching already.... New Kitchen (2) Here is one of the many drafts, the hob is missing but you get the gist. Anyway, anything is better than this! New Kitchen (4) So, even though the plans aren't finalised I know what oven, hob and microwave I want and I spent ages trying to find the best deals. There are lots of Amazon type sites here and on Sunday I tried to place my order. First off  the payment with my credit card was declined. I wasn't too stressed as I guessed it was a fraud check so I called my bank, who I used to work for, and got the go ahead to put it through again. This time I had to split the order as for some reason  they couldn't deliver one item. Eventually half the order goes through and I decide to do the rest the next day. The next morning I have an email to say the payment has been 'réfusée'. I am not amused and call the bank. I am told it is a problem with the retailer. I try again.....and again with different French cards and English cards. I lose the will to live and pour another glass of Muscadet! To end my sorry tale I am relieved to say that the items are now on order. It took a mere six hours to facilitate this, and even then one retailer could deliver me the ovens but not the microwave (both in stock), due to living out in the countryside. I'm not sure of the logic but I had another glass of wine and stopped worrying about it. I understand now why many French people do not go in for 'do-it-yourself', it's obviously far too stressful trying to source materials. We are off to Ikea tomorrow, an hour and forty minutes each way for more research. This kitchen will probably take a few years off our lives! Thanks for listening. I'll keep you posted on the very slow progress....                

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