My Walk with the Weimarnutters for ‘WWWP5K’

Everyday my gorgeous doggies start whining at about 6.30am. Generally they slop about on the bed until we go for a walk... 712 and sometimes they even get in the bed... 390 Last week I read that bloggers all over the world are being challenged this week to complete 5km, The aim is to share our experiences with bloggers around the world. If I was feeling energetic I would run it, although it's quite hilly. Seriously though, has anyone tried running with a Weimaraner on a lead? Dexter and Grayson get so excited I would be face down in the grit, or a cow-pat, in no time. It's not going to happen, at least not on the road. I usually walk the dogs with my husband but I had to drag my son along instead as my husband is still recuperating. We always thought that the walk was about 5km so this challenge was an ideal way to check it if we really do walk 5km a day. I downloaded an app to record my route and, finally, I managed to get it on this post. It was quicker to walk! Something to do with privacy settings.....anyway I pasted in the code and it worked. My other, computer geeky son would be proud, well possibly. Here is my route:

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The dogs hate being on the road as they are on leads even if this is the main road in the Monday morning rush hour... It's a beautiful walk, all year round as the scenery is constantly changing as the farmers plough and the fields change from brown to green to gold with the seasons. There are cows grazing, as well as the sheep, and the cows always come up to the fence to greet us. We are never really sure so we say 'Good morning' and 'Bonjour' as we go by. After the road section we take a route into the woods. The main challenge this time of year is the 'chasse', the organised hunters with dogs, and also the lone hunters. It starts early September and goes on until around April.We have to get out early to avoid being shot! I read somewhere recently that France is the only country in Europe where you can hunt 365 days a year. It is part of the culture here. The forest is an uphill walk and we are greeted with fantastic views as we come out. We can see La Chapelle St Etienne in the distance and our house. And the best thing about our walk? It's all on our doorstep - no getting into a car and driving through traffic to take the dogs out. Just got to dodge those bullets....

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