Frugal French Pantry October 2017

Frugal French Pantry October 2017 is all about pies. Steak and Kidney, Cottage Pie, Chicken and Bacon Ring and Chicken and Leek pie will stick to your ribs!
Frugal French Pantry October 2017 is all about pies. Steak and Kidney, Cottage Pie, Chicken and Bacon Ring and Chicken and Leek pie will stick to your ribs!The Frugal French Pantry October 2017. There is something very British about pies isn't there? If you walk around the average French supermarket there won't be a pie in sight. The closest you will get will be a quiche so, if you want comforting layers of meat covered in pastry for warming up on a cold day, you really have to make it yourself!  As pies are so filling I decided to focus on them this month for my frugal article in The Deux Sevres Monthly magazine. As the magazine is for English speakers it had to be pie this month. I'm sure that my lovely French friends won't understand our British preoccupation with all things pie!     Chicken and Leek Pie. Melt in the mouth double crust pastry pie filled with chicken, leeks and bacon in a simple creamy sauce. My Chicken and Leek Pie ended up on the blog by accident this year. It's the sort of dinner we have all the time in the winter as it doesn't take too long to prepare and you can always use ready made pastry to save time. This is also a great pie for Mondays too. If you have any leftover chicken  and vegetables from a roast just chop them up, add any leftover gravy and assemble the pie. As this is such a versatile, everyday pie I made the mistake of thinking it wasn't special enough for the blog but, I was wrong! It is now the most searched for and viewed recipe, despite its rustic appearance!   Chicken and Bacon Ring. An easy and versatile dish of chicken, bacon, cheese, onions and peppers baked in a tarragon mayonnaise. This Chicken and Bacon Ring  is not really a pie but it still gives you all the same sort of comfort. The difference with this is that it is made with croissant dough, although you could use puff pastry. There is no sauce to make as mayonnaise and cheese hold the filling together. I love the crunch of peppers in this dish but courgettes and mushrooms work well too so it is great in Spring and Autumn.   In our house Steak and Kidney Pie is the king of puddings. My husband would argue that it really has to be cooked in a suet pudding but, as that involves steaming on the hob for hours and topping up with water, life is really too short! I've never seen suet for sale here either. I much prefer the method of cooking the meat in the slow cooker and making the pie the next day. This gives the flavours the chance to develop and makes sure that the beef is tender, as beef in France tends to be tough by British standards. The last dish to be featured in The Frugal French Pantry October 2017 is not really a 'pie' at all. Growing up a staple meal would be Cottage Pie, which is often confused with Shepherd's Pie which is lamb. It was never really a favourite but I gave it a revamp with a bit of red wine and a cheesy mustard mash and called it my Glam Cottage Pie. These pies are not meant to be posh. They are rustic, home meals which are filling and tasty. The pies can be served with extra vegetables on the side or added to the pie to make the meat go further. In days gone by potato would probably be served too but these dishes are already energy laden without! If you are eating frugally what are you serving this October?                                                   

8 thoughts on “Frugal French Pantry October 2017

  1. I adore pies too! These all look so delicious. I’ve never actually tried a steak and kidney pie. I’ll have to sometime. My mom always made fruit pies when I was growing up. Apple was our favorite. I love that chicken and bacon ring! So gorgeous! And the chicken and leek pie sounds perfect for today.

    1. I don’t think my French friends understand our love of pie! I guess that steak and kidney is a very British combination and in the past they used oyster to pad out the pie because they were so cheap! My grandmother was the pie queen but she always called a double crust pie a tart! I think it depends on where you grew up.

  2. All look absolutely scrumptious especially considering the temperature is dropping big time on the east coast! They definitely look comforting on a day like today. I just love the look of the chicken bacon ring! I’m thinking of trying the first one with my leftover chicken I have sitting in the fridge!! Thanks for this!

  3. Yum, Yum!! I’d eat every single one of these dishes. I love kidney pie! I haven’t had it in a long time! Delicious!!

  4. I never gave it a thought until this post Amanda about the French not eating pies…at least not the way we think of a pie. Of course they have their quiche and tarts. Your whole selection looks great.

    1. I have to say that they probably eat more pastry with all the tarts and the giant savoury vol-au-vents! I think that when you move to another country there is a certain nostalgia about childhood foods. That said, I love all the French pastries too!

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