Frugal French Pantry February 2018

Frugal French Pantry February 2018 is all about potatoes leftovers, cheats and stuffed. There's Parmentier, twice baked, cakes and baked with eggs too.
Frugal French Pantry February 2018 is all about potatoes leftovers, cheats and stuffed. There's Parmentier, twice baked, cakes and baked with eggs too.The Frugal French Pantry February 2018. After the excesses of Christmas it's time to pull the horns in and enjoy some frugal but delicious dishes. This month I have focused on the humble spud, a staple for us Brits, as a healthy, filling  and warming food. In fact, living in France, I've been surprised to see that, aside from 'pommes frites', restaurants don't really serve much in the way of potatoes. Fish is often served with a small portion of rice and meats are often served with  plain boiled tagliatelle. They do stock a myriad of new potatoes in the shops but per kilo they are as expensive as buying cod fillets! No wonder most people here just grow their own! Whilst I love the occasional chip there are so many ways to enjoy potatoes and make them the star of the show too.       Frugal French Pantry February 2018 is all about potatoes leftovers, cheats and stuffed. There's Parmentier, twice baked, cakes and baked with eggs too. This is my newest dish for the Frugal French Pantry February 2018. Baked Eggs in Potatoes with Bacon is one of this dishes that can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, a side dish, vegetarian or just a naughty snack. So simple to make and you can leave out the bacon or substitute with peppers or mushrooms for a variation. A quick side dish of cheese and onion potato cakes using leftover baked potatoes with parsley or coriander. If you've read the recipe for the baked eggs you will end up with some leftover potato which I normally freeze. These Cheese and Onion Potato Cakes  are perfect for leftover mashed potatoes and with the addition of onions and cheese make a great meal. These Quick Parmentier Potatoes may not look like much but they are the second most visited recipe on the website. The website had only been open for 4 months! This is a no peel dish where chunks of potatoes are cooked in the microwave and fried with onions, garlic and rosemary. It's a rustic French dish that is simple and delicious. Must redo those photos!   Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes. Baked potato mixed with onions, bacon, cheese, garlic, chives and creme fraiche stuffed in potato skins and baked.   Finally we have my Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes. Is it a starter, side or main? You decide! It's simple, cheesy, crunchy and is easy to cutomise to what you have lurking in the fridge. What's your favourite frugal potato dish?                

8 thoughts on “Frugal French Pantry February 2018

    1. Thanks so much. Food in France is expensive for most folk so it’s my task to find frugal filling recipes. The eggs in potatoes are a real family favourite now.

  1. Baked potatoes are a favourite – I usually try to find Agathe potatoes, but they have been hard to find this year. What other “brand” of potato would you recommend?
    I lover proper deep-fried thick cut chips too, but don’t have a deep fat frier, so they never happen.
    I recently found this recipe from Jamie Oliver for baked sweet potatoes ( Served with some merguez they are delicious!

    1. Thanks Alison. I have to say that I often buy potatoes from Lidl because I’m a frugal girl at heart. I knew my King Edward from my Maris Piper back in the UK but now I look at size. We recently moved to an Actifry, in a move to be healthier. Thanks for the recipe! We love merges here too!

  2. Hi there, you are a Brit living in France and I’m a Brit living in Italy where potatoes also don’t play a major part in the cuisine, except when they are made into gnocchi! Yum! Here the only tatties I have been served in restaurants are mostly ‘al forno’ roasted, but in small pieces. I love the 2 baked potato recipes, going to have to do that one with egg pronto!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline. I’m not the only one missing spuds then! I really need to make gnocchi as it sounds frugal too…well as long as the potatoes are the cheap ones!

  3. I always find food price variations across Europe really intriguing, potatoes here in Rural Hungary will run you to maybe 30 cents a kilo… Cod on the other hand will be closer to 30 Euros a kilo 😮 I don’t eat much cod! Spuds on the other hand we grow and eat plenty of, I have to admit a particular weakness for mashed potatoes that are then grilled to get that crunchy topping.

    1. My family are big mash fans too so I’ll have to give your grilled ones a go. Of course, that means cheese on top! We live in a farming community so everyone grows their own. My neighbour is almost 92 and he still tends his garden, often he is out at 8pm. He puts us all to shame!

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