A Recipe Book in Aid of Cancer.

The Foodie BookCancer......                                                                                                                             We have all known someone who has died of cancer and recently I've  lost a godmother and another very close friend to ovarian cancer. So when Catherine Broughton, who runs the blog Turquoise Moon, and is an accomplished author, (click here to view Catherine's books on Amazon), started asking for recipes for a book to raise funds for cancer I was happy to contribute. Catherine chose three recipes from my blog and the first is one of my favourites, Mucky Mango Chutney. This chutney goes great in sandwiches, salads, dressings and of course is essential with poppadums! Mucky Mango Chutney Another recipe which appears in the book is my version of Quail Scotch Eggs. These are great as we move into picnic season and especially when served with a sweet onion chutney. Quail Scotch Eggs Finally, what could be better than the ultimate 'ready meal'? It has to be Oysters! Once you've perfected the art of opening these shells you won't walk past them in the market and can enjoy their delicious taste at a fraction of the cost. oysters (10) The recipe book is full of little stories and great recipes so please take a look at The Foodie Book . The recipe contributors are from all over the world so you are sure to find something you love. Thanks, Amanda x    

2 thoughts on “A Recipe Book in Aid of Cancer.

  1. Hi Amanda, I remember you were very pleased when I wrote about finding curry spices at a shop in La Roche-s-Y. I can go one better now – Naked Curries. We went to a Vide Grenier at St Martin Lars the other Sunday (it’s close here) and met a lady – Sarah – with a stall selling ready made curry sauces in pouches. We bought a couple and they are F.A.B. Her and her partner sell most things – poppadums, powder spice mixes, a brilliant Mango Chutney (although I have seen your recipe), plain naan’s etc – all priced around 3€. This is the website, you’ll see their contact details at the bottom : http://www.naked-curries.com/. I have pastes and dry ingredients for making my own, but sometimes it is just nice to throw some chicken in a pan and throw in a really good quality sauce. All best Dee

    1. Thanks Dee. I’ll definitely have a look. I’m currently buying from spicesof india.co.uk. It’s nice we can help each other out! Keep me in mind if you spot any other little gems please..Amanda

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