Vietnamese Caramelised Pork

Vietnamese Caramelised Pork. This is my version which is ready in 20 minutes. The pork is flavoured with chilli and ginger in a delicious, sticky sauce.

Vietnamese Caramelised Pork. When we go to our local Asian restaurant for a treat it’s a 45 minute car journey but it is so worth the wait! We don’t go very often as my resolve tends to weaken when I see the platters of sushi, fresh shellfish, appetizers and delicious Asian dishes. Of course, it […]

Massaman Duck Curry

This recipe uses my homemade Massaman curry paste, toasted peanuts, coconut milk, coriander and skinned duck breast for a really decadent curry.

Massaman Duck Curry. Remember the Massaman curry paste?       It’s time to put it to good use! You might think it’s mad to be using duck in a curry but I’ve often had it served in Asian restaurants and it always seems to stay tender. I think this is great for a special occasion and, […]

Massaman Curry Paste

This is an easy and fresh version of Massaman curry paste made with dried chillies, peanuts, toasted spices, garlic, ginger, shallot, lemon and coriander.

Massaman Curry Paste. My family loves curry and, in the UK we would often go to a restaurant where we would enjoy trying different styles of curry.  Living  in the middle of the countryside, and far from a large city, it was to be expected that I wouldn’t be able to pop out for a curry! […]

Pork and Peanut Moneybags

Pork mince, flavoured with Thai red curry paste, garlic, coriander and peanut butter and baked in filo moneybags tied with chives.

These pork and peanut moneybags are another product of leftovers! Rummaging around in the chest freezer, (it was cool,) I found some pork mince and in the fridge I had some leftover filo pastry. We normally have some sort of Asian dish on Saturday, but as new guests normally arrive on Saturday, it has been moved […]

Squid with Prawn and Crab

Squid tubes stuffed with cooked prawns, crab, coriander, garlic, ginger and chillies and then seared on a hot grill for a fantastic low fat dish.

I first posted  a recipe of stuffed squid  just over a year ago when I could normally only buy tiny tubes or huge lumps of giant encornets,  or squid, which would scare most epicureans! So, you wouldn’t be surprised to see me dancing in the aisles when I found frozen squid tubes about 20cm long. I had to revamp […]

Chicken Satay with Grilled Pineapple

Simply spiced chicken satay with coconut, peanut and chilli dipping sauce.

Chicken Satay.  Chunks of chicken marinated with chillies, ginger and spices, grilled and served with a peanut, coconut and chilli sauce. Simple to do and packed full of taste, so what could be better ? My version of chicken satay makes a great main course or starter and you can use the recipe with pork […]

Thai Fish Burgers

Fish burgers? We’ve all done beef burgers and fish cakes so why not try a Thai fish burger?  These fish burgers are very low in fat, taste great and work well on the barbecue too. This is a quick and easy dish which is also great for entertaining and I think that you might even win […]


Sushi? Don’t mind if I do! We have the most amazing Asian buffet restaurant in Fontenay Le Comte where they have loads of Chinese Dishes, Sushi, fresh seafood and  an area where you can pick raw seafood, meat and vegetables and watch someone cook it all for you. Starters and dessert are included too and it’s […]

Chilli and Ginger Glazed Salmon

This Chilli and Ginger Glazed Salmon is a great dish for a barbecue. Forget boring burgers and try this really easy recipe. The marinade means that the fish keeps lovely and moist and you still get a great barbecue crispy crust on the outside.    

Crab Cakes

If you love crab then you are going to love these crab cakes which are flavoured with spring onion, ginger, chilli and coriander.  Over the years I have made different variations of crab cakes with a potato or white sauce base but these are easier to make and much lighter and fresher in taste. This […]